The Nativity in the Lower Church, Assisi
                     by Giotto di Bondone, lived ca. 1270-1337



              A Blessed Christmas to All!

Divine Mercy Fraternity, Secular Franciscan Order
Vero Beach, Florida


We wish You a Blessed Christmas

and a very Happy 2018


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I thought we could do something different with the help of computer magic. The beautiful image on the right is Franciscan and might be from Tirol.

Holy Mass is the high point of our life. We may rejoice for Jesus in celebrating the Eucharist. When a priest is the celebrant, he is there "in persona Christi."

St. John the Baptist trembled and was afraid even to touch Christ's Sacred Head with his own hands (see Mt. 3:13ff), but we touch Him every time we receive Holy Communion. We should tremble too -- at touching Our Lord when we receive Him in our Hands. Let our thoughts be on the Sacrament we are receiving, fully aware at that moment of the great honor Our Lord is giving to us: Himself. Let us be most reverend and aware and then, let us be Eucharist toward everyone we meet that day. People we speak to, people we listen to, deserve our full attention and respect, because we are a Eucharistic people and we must live in Christ and be Christ to all.

 Let the joy we feel show on our faces as we wish others the Peace of Christ.  We’re rejoicing that Jesus Christ is with us in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. Now bring this joy to everyone, not only those we meet in Church but also those who we see outside in our everyday life.

We know that suffering, pain, disappointments and fatigue are a part of everyday life. St.  Francis has shown us that these sufferings are an opportunity to share an intimacy with Jesus in His mission of salvation. So take this time of Advent, and really look for daily opportunities to share this intimacy with Jesus’ suffering.


Saint Francis of Assisi is such a great inspiration when it comes to penance. Let’s make sure that we recognize Advent for what it really is, a time to prepare for the coming of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Advent is a time to practice daily conversion; as Franciscans however, this is something we should be doing every day of the year. After all, we strive for perfection. Prayer and Spiritual reading helps us tremendously in keeping us going in the right direction.

May we wish you a very Holy Advent Season, followed by a Christmas Season where your only focus is the Nativity. Christmas really comes every day for those who love Jesus.

Prepared by Fred Schaeffer, OFS, with love.
November 10, 2017



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