The Reflections

The Reflections


This is not really a spiritual reflection. It is more an administrative note to let our readers know how popular this website really is. We are dealing in small numbers. Every day perhaps 2-25 sessions are found in our page statistic records. I have a number of ways to figure out information that gives me some guidance what is popular or what could be deleted. You see, this website is limited to 500 pages, that’s not only reflections but everything. The last reflection I wrote (2nd Sunday Advent), was number 301. So I have to start “load shedding” in 2020. I don’t want to dump files that are frequently looked at, so the statistics tell me what’s what. The SiteAnalytics Report by 1&1/IONOS, our web hosting company, provides that information.


Right off the top, we have:
/reflections/2018-reflections-2/my-friend-brother-craig/ 22 sessions 0.25% percentage


That is a large amount, because brother Craig (deceased) is probably mentioned only on this website. And I am glad because brother Craig lived a very holy life but really never got credit for it (except in Heaven, we hope) because few people knew him really well. I lived in the same monastery with him for five years so I knew him well. He was my superior, and I think of him frequently.


As for the other statistics, I printed out a list in year/alphabetical order so I can find it back when it is time to consider shedding some material that’s not being read so frequently. But that choice, which I do not have to make right away, is still difficult, because all items on this list are read monthly. The upshot is that it is all worth reading, and although few people read this stuff, it is being read.


“Visitor Locations” are interesting. The first number are the number of sessions (regardless of duration), and the second number is a percentage. Since these reflections are written in English, the English-speaking areas are high, of course. A high Catholic population also figures into those numbers. Some of the numbers are surprising. Also, these numbers include not only Reflections but everything else. It is a very long list, so we’ll show here the first fourteen lines:

  1. Hong Kong 2,395 62.58%
  2. United States 997 26.05%
  3. Germany 119 3.11%
  4. China 44 1.15%
  5. France 35 0.91%
  6. Ukraine 32 0.84%
  7. United Kingdom 25 0.65%
  8. Netherlands 20 0.52%
  9. Canada 19 0.50%
  10. Singapore 14 0.37%
  11. India 13 0.34%
  12. Ireland 11 0.29%
  13. Romania 9 0.24%
  14. Philippines 8 0.21%

Total Sessions in the month of November 2019 was 3,827. All this is summarized in the following table:

  • Continents                           Sessions Percentage
  • Asia                                       2,501      65.35%
  • North America                    1,017      26.57%
  • Europe                                     281       7.34%
  • Africa                                         22       0.57%
  • South America                           5       0.13%
  • Oceania                                       1       0.03%

It would be interesting to figure out how this stacks up to the number of English speakers in these areas, but for me that’s way too complicated. I’m just interested in how many souls look at our website, and if the website brings just one of those souls closer to God, I would be very pleased.

God bless you!

Fred Schaeffer, OFS
Dec. 3, 2019


A Gift of a New Life
A Biography
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