1st Sunday of Advent

Jesus said (see the Gospel of First Sunday of Advent, Mt. 24:37-44) "the Son of Man is coming at the time you least expect." In other words, nobody knows when He'll come to judge the living and the dead. For some, this day will be one of extreme agony—those are the people who will not ever be with Jesus. For all eternity they will be in Hell.


For others, that day will be one of rejoicing. Of those some may find themselves in a place of purification for a small or long time, but they know they shall see God in all His splendor, some day when they leave Purgatory. Hopefully, many will immediately go to that place where they will see Jesus face-to-face and where they will be for all eternity (Heaven).


God is a just judge but he will nonetheless separate the good grain from the chaff. If you are not in the "state of Grace" (In other words, there are unconfessed mortal sins) you have the opportunity during Advent to repent, to seek rebirth in the Sacrament of Reconciliation where Christ's mercy and compassion is experienced as one seeks forgiveness. Be open to His Word and His Assistance. For those who are forgiven, the lights and sounds of Christmas will be beautiful. For those who do not seek absolution they will only hear noise.


Be prepared! If you lived in a bad neighborhood where there is crime and there is the possibility you might become a victim, would you do something to prevent it? Wouldn't you install a burglar system or install some motion detection lights by the garage? I bet you would! So why don't people do the same thing with their souls? No one is out to steal your soul except Satan. He seeks tepid souls, weak souls who are his prey and on the verge of giving in to temptation. If we're strong we will overcome! But if we live in excess, devoted to materialism or other vices, we are weakened by lack of self-discipline and will more easily accept temptation. We'll more easily and weakly tell our friends "Jesus understands me; He loves me." Yes, He does, but He abhors your sin! If Jesus came today, this minute, to judge the living and the dead, would this person be ready? Sadly, no!


That is the question we ask ourselves on this First Sunday of Advent 2019—are we ready? I pray that you will be. I pray that you'll be celebrating Advent with your family, by praying with them each Sunday at the Advent Wreath.



Fred Schaeffer, OFS 11/29/2019 (#69, 2001 Rev.)


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