My Friend, Br. Craig Driscoll, Rest in Peace.

Br. Craig Driscoll
b. 1962* - d. July 2015

In June 2002, after approximately five years as a monk, with the Monks of Adoration (an Order which has been deactivated in 2005), was the last time I saw and talked to my Religious superior and founder, Brother Craig Driscoll. At that time, I had experienced a small stroke and Br. Craig quietly wondered if I would not be better off retiring back in Vero Beach, Florida. A Monk’s life can be very stressful, and it was for me.

Br. Craig was a wonderful and kind man. He loved everyone; most of all, he loved God, his parents (both deceased) and friends. After the Order was deactivated, he settled with his mother in Sarasota, Florida, but she went to the Father before Craig did.


The other brother in this monastic group, John, notified me a few months after Br. Craig’s death that he had passed away. We began to search for an Obituary but were unable to find anything relative to Br. Craig’s death.


Two weeks ago, I received an e-mail from a Catholic priest in California that he had known Craig as a teenager in Fitchburg, MA. He also was unable to find any record of Craig’s passing and had made in inquiry with Sarasota County to find out what happened. Apparently, Craig had been very sick for a long time, and passed away where he lived all alone. Subsequently, since no one knew him, he was buried in an unmarked grave and no one knew when, in July 2015, he actually died.


It is very sad in this day and age that people die all alone and I was very sad when I learned of his passing. To the best of my recollection he was born in 1962, that would make him only 53. He had been ill much of the time I had known him. May he rest in peace.


I have lost contact with John.


Unfortunately, many uncharitable comments are found on the website about Br. Craig, the Monks of Adoration, and even the Secular Franciscan Order. For that reason, I will not publish any comments on this, unrelated, web site. /FS


Fred Schaeffer, OFS

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