Jesus Wants to Heal us

Jesus wants to heal us!
A Reflection by Fred Schaeffer, OFS

"He summoned the Twelve and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal (the sick)". (Luke 9:1-2)


Jesus wants to heal us, otherwise He would not have made it possible for the Twelve, that is, his Disciples, to heal us from sickness. Sin is also a sickness, and very often it is an addictive sickness, because people sin over and over again. People who repeatedly sin, especially the same transgressions, for them the sin has become habitual and this can be as strong as an addiction to drugs. But with the help of the Lord, one can curtail this sin and stop altogether. It is possible. And remember, with His help, nothing is impossible.


If one prays for healing for the right reasons (faith, love of God rather than self, love for the person being prayed for, etc.) any serious problem can be reversed with God's help. It doesn't matter if the problem is physical, mental or spiritual. God can do anything we pray for, and often, He does. How often we hear of miraculous healings, people who were suddenly healed through prayer, usually through others over them, where scheduled surgeries were no longer necessary.


Then why, you ask, has He not healed me? Those are always difficult questions to answer, because He heals when it is good for our salvation, so the healing comes when He determines the time to be right. A friend asked me once why God wouldn't heal his feeling of misery, as if I would even begin to know what God thinks. No, I don't know what He thinks, but I am utterly convinced of His love for us.


Sometimes His healing is so obvious, and we do not see it, because we are too wrapped up in ourselves. I have used the example of a friend who had a knee replacement but he also was very much alone and kept complaining about his life in general. When I reminded him of the miracle of his knee replacement he said the doctors did that, and he paid for it. Well, think about it... who gave the doctors their skills? And, also health insurance took care of a lot of his expenses. Sounds like a pretty good healing to me! But he couldn't see it. I hope that wasn't the reason why he stopped going to Holy Mass. I was sad when he dropped me from his correspondence list, because this prevented me from trying to get him back to church.


I have another friend who was doing very poorly in health, and lots of people prayed for her, and she was healed. In fact, there have been several people who crossed my path, who have been healed, but just remember, Jesus heals, I do not. At best, through our prayer, we can ask Our Lord for his help. So, please give Jesus the opportunity to help you. Tell Him you love Him, and talk with Him in prayer. Sure, tell Him what you need, but first pray a while just praising Him and ask about His help with other people. Then listen for His voice and if you are very quiet and peaceful, you will know He is with you. In time, you will come to know what He wants you to do.

God bless you all!

Fred Schaeffer, OFS
Nov. 21, 2018




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