Giving Thanks


What to Be Thankful For this Year?


Today, I found out what I want to be thankful for this 2018 Thanksgiving. A friend of mine had promised me 6-8 months ago, that she would give me a new chair, a chair I would enjoy lounging in, a recliner with a twist, one that would make it easy for me to get out of. My friend is not a person of means; she must work hard for every penny she earns, and when she made her Christmas promise about a new chair, I said to myself “Never happen.”

“Ye of little faith….”


Boy was I wrong! The chair will be delivered tomorrow afternoon, and it’s not even close to Christmas! That chair is the best gift anyone can give me, because I am retired, and I sit more than I should, but I can’t help it.


Looking over my hundreds of Spiritual Reflections I found I have never written one on Thanksgiving. Giving Thanks is something we should all do, however, not only for beautiful chairs, good friends, and creature comforts, but also for life, life itself. God has given us Life, so don’t abuse this gift. OK, our parents had something to do with it, but we are all Gifts of God!


We start off, building a list of items to be thankful for by giving thanks to God for life itself. Then we can add, to be thankful for parents, sisters and brothers, husbands of wives, children. We can also be thankful for the houses we live in, the food on the table, chairs to sit on, beds to rest in, and churches to visit to show our thanks for all that. Who are we thanking, first God and then the people in our lives.


Don’t leave anyone out of your “giving thanks” list even people you don’t care for. Everyone shares in the Kingdom of God. Give thanks for house animals, dogs and cats, goldfishes, they all come from God. And all that good food you’ve had over the years, certainly something to be grateful for.


Yes, we will have a great Thanksgiving this year, hopefully celebrated with a friend or two, and if you happen to be alone on that day, God is not far away. He is only a prayer away! I will be grateful for a chair given by one who deserves my thanks and certainly God’s blessings! Peace and Good!


Happy Thanksgiving!



Fred Schaeffer, OFS
November 6, 2018

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