August 2015

I was going to write something this month, but with all the web-alterations to this and the Regional website, I didn't get to it.

 A good friend of mine passed on in late July. He was Brother Craig Driscoll, who from 1980 to 2005 was the Monastic Superior and co-founder of a Monastic Order known as the Monks of Adoration. This group of 3-4 monks moved to Florida in 2002, where they built a new monastery in Englewood (south of Venice FL). I had joined them in 1997 but left in 2002. I was not sure of my vocation at the time, except that the Lord desired me to go back with the Secular Franciscan Order.

During those five years, the monks lived together in temporary (leased) homes in South Venice after leaving Massachusetts. From the onset it was an adventure, in some ways very strict, we had great bonding which each other and amid the seriousness of living the vocation, we also had alot of fun. Even monks need to "let off steam" periodically.
Brother Craig was a very kind man, was unable to hurt anyone or anything. My function there was to run the book store (mostly mail order). The Brothers were prolific writers and had published books of Spiritual nature as well as those on dieting and exercise.
Over time we became good friends, all three of us and for the most part there are happy memories. In 2005 the Order ceased to exist since the new bishop decided we did not have at least 6 members, the minimum required. I found that very sad for those who remained.
Brother Craig shall remain in my daily prayers and I hope in yours, too.
Sincerely, Fred Schaeffer, OFS



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