In difficult times

Many people are living in difficult times. Financially, difficulties with health, and also the condition of the time we find ourselves in. Some readers live in Nations or parts of the world where living conditions are depressed, or made difficult in some way or another. Many of us have seen strife all our lives and know no better. I was born during World War II, in western Europe, not in a hospital but in a coal cellar because bullets were whistling by on street level and a tank stood on either side of our street shooting at each other.

And now, 72 years later, there still is no peace in the world. We've got to remember that when nations are engaged in war, it affects every person in those warring nations. For those on the sidelines, war is a time of great anxiety, uncertainty, anger, and only people who have courage, who rely on God's help and love, will survive.

Civil unrest of one sort or another is very similar to illness, sickness among us. Many people live for a short time with cancer, and other life-threatening conditions, and many suffer and receive no healing. There are also many whose life ends because their illness cannot be healed, so death is the healing.

Aware that these reflections are read by people from all over the world, people of different faith practices, or none at all, of course many Roman Catholics but also many other devout Christians, we all have one Healer in common: God. Years of prayer have convinced me that God wishes for us only happiness and love. He is NOT the person who sends us illness, fear, anxiety, or even death. Evil things come from another source, but let us not dwell on that.

I am convinced that God wants to see us well and happy. And, when you read many of the religious texts written, you will reach the same conclusion. For some it isn't necessary to read about it — they know this intuitively, from the heart. So it is natural for us to reach out to God, usually asking the assistance and intercession of Jesus Christ, and his Angels and Saints, to make us better. To heal what hurts and once again allow us to see the beauty of His Creation around us.

Most of my reading audience know that God for us exists in the form of three Persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Still ONE God but three persons. Just as we believe the Holy Spirit to be the love between the Father and the Son, let us ask this Holy Spirit to assist us in these troubling times with His Wisdom, and Guidance. Make us understand what must be done, and how a manner of peace can be obtained where you are.

Let us pray for the basic things in our lives, health, a good husband or wife, and for those not married, a stable home. Most of all, a home where God is welcome. Where He is revered!

God is a generous God, who loves to heal, and for us to be joyful. His interest in us is not just fleeting, but He wishes for us to spend eternity with Him when our life on earth is finished. He constantly reaches out to the world, to see if there are any people willing to cooperate with Him.

People who are at war with other people, often pray to God asking Him to be on their side. How can one ask God to choose sides when He loves everyone? God is bigger than that. It is even miraculous that He hears us when we speak to Him in prayer, as He is so different from us. We are sinners and He is so perfect, so awesome. But he does listen to us, and those who pray earnestly He will hear. Their prayers will be heard.

Be grateful when you feel healthy, because many, probably the majority, do not. Brother 'Body' is aching and sore as it ages, and I ask Him for his Healing, God's Healing so that I have a few good years left. Let more of us pray for healthier times to come.

In His Name, I ask that His blessings will be with you, now and forever. Amen.


Fred Schaeffer, OFS
September 13, 2012



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