2018 Notes

An attempt by Fred Schaeffer, OFS, to write some history. As you have seen, I (Fred) haven't been great in writing history past 2004, and to make up all those years is just too difficult. So the Notes section will just pick up where we are at present and go on from there.

  • OCT 3. The Feast  of Saint Francis began really the day before with the Transitus, a simple service with hymns, psalms and readings by lay people and the friars at St. Lucie Parish, a Church manned by Conventual Friars in Port St. Lucie. Several communities were represented there, St. Elizabeth of Hungary Emerging Fraternity, Padre Pio Fraternity (Jensen Beach) and Divine Mercy Fraternity (Vero Beach). If there were folks from points south, please correct me.
    What struck me almost from the beginning was the zeal and enthusiasm of this crowd. The Holy Spirit was in attendance big time. Met wonderful people, especially those of the fairly new St. Elizabeth of Hungary Emerging Fraternity, and I (we) pray that they will soon be Canonically recognized. They already have 15+ people attending. Way to go! God bless all of you.
  • OCT 4. We, at Divine Mercy Fraternity, began this wonderful day with Holy Mass (8:30 AM) at St. Helen Church in Vero Beach. In attendance were Helen Caldarone, OFS; Nancy Thomas, OFS; Joanne Giordano, OFS; and, Fred Schaeffer, OFS, and of course many parishioners of St. Helen Church. Fr. Ben Redito was the celebrant and surprised us with a wonderful homily about St. Francis and "Perfect Joy". We all know what that means: penance and suffering, and we love it. For me (Fred) Perfect Joy is partaking of the Holy Eucharist, Jesus, the Son of God, in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.
    The four of us went to breakfast after Holy Mass at CJ Cannons at Vero's Airport. For those not familiar with Vero Beach, this Restaurant is right in the Terminal Building very close to the runway so one looks out on airline and commercial aviation as it is happening. At CJ Cannons, which I've frequented very often over the last 18+ years, the food is always good and it's a great place to breakfast, lunch or dine. Sorry for the commercial in these pages, but this place is dear to my heart.
    We got there around 9:30 AM and left about 11 because Fred had to be home to be there for his "Meals on Wheels" delivery. A very good time was had by all. That's a great way to do "community."
  • OCT 14 This Sunday was our Monthly gathering. Almost everyone was there, two were excused for work or illness. We spent an hour discussing various artifacts, statues, prints and how they have influenced our lives, particularly our prayer life. It was a good meeting. Today is also the Canonization of now, Saint Pope Paul VI, the pope who promulgated our 40-year old Rule of St. Francis.





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Fred Schaeffer, OFS
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Jack Reddy, OFS

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Donna Haro, OFS


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Fred Schaeffer, OFS

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