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Living the Gospel through our roles and responsibilities



As an Order, we are actively integrated in the life of Christ. We are part of the body of Christ. The promise we made when we were professed requires us to be more pro-active, more focused on Christ’s mission on earth. Further, we have a very specific hierarchical structure centered on having a council at each level which helps to animate and guide the life of Secular Franciscan brothers and sisters – to help us live our Franciscan charism in family, in fraternity and in society.

Let’s take that concept that we are part of the body of Christ a little further. We might consider the Executive Council at each level as Christ’s heart – which pumps life-giving blood throughout the Franciscan body. In order to ensure the health of the heart, the members of the council must be properly formed (on-going formation) and make certain that they fulfill all their responsibilities.

Whether we serve as officers at the local, regional, national or international level, we are co-responsible for animating and guiding our fraternities and members.

By properly fulfilling our unique roles on the council, we will ensure that the brothers and sisters receive support and guidance to live their Secular Franciscan life as the Rule requires of them. The council should be united in vision and ministry – especially after actions and plans are voted on.

One final note: As international, national, regional and local fraternities, we are not islands. We are intricately woven together as a magnificent tapestry that covers the body of Christ around the world – and our councils provide that important thread that ties us together. We are all ultimately united in Christ through our love and attention to each other.


(VOX Franciscana • 22 • SUMMER 2019)

Regional Fraternity (FFMR) Guidelines 2019
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TAU-USA Fall 2018 Issue 95 devoted to 40th Anniversary of OFS Rule
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40th Anniversary of OFS Rule

OFS Minister General, Tibor Kauser, OFS on OFS 40th Anniversary of our Rule
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Conference of Minister Generals (First Order) on 40th Anniversary of OFS Rule
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A Gift of a New Life
A Biography
by Fred Schaeffer, OFS 2019

Secular Franciscan Order
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