Franciscan Saints (Ream) October


1. Bl. Nicolas of Forca Palena, Secular Franciscan, d. 1449
3. Commemoration of the Transitus of St. Francis of Assisi (near the Portiuncula,
    October 3, 1226)
4. Our Seraphic Father, St. Francis of Assisi, Deacon and Founder of the Three
    Franciscan Orders, d. 1226
6. St. Mary Frances of the Five Wounds, Secular Franciscan, d. 1791
10. St. Daniel and Companions, First Order friars, martyrs of Morocco, d. 1227
10. Bl. Mary Angela Truszkowska, Third Order religious, d. 1899
11. St. John XXIII, Secular Franciscan Pope, d. 1963
12. St. Seraphin of Montegranaro, First Order friar, d. 1604
13. Bl. Honorat Kozminski of Biala, First Order friar, d. 1916
17. Bl. Balthazar of Chiavari, First Order friar, d. 1490
20. Bl. Contardo Ferrini, Secular Franciscan, d. 1902
20. Bl. James of Strepar, First Order bishop, d. 1409
21. Bl. Josephine Leroux, Poor Clare nun, martyr of France, d. 1794
22. St. Peter of Alcántara, First Order friar, d. 1562
23. St. John of Capistrano, First Order friar, d. 1456
25. Bl. María Jesús Masia Ferragut and Companions, Poor Clare nuns, martyrs of Spain, d. 1936
26. Bl. Bonaventure of Potenza, First Order friar, d. 1711
29. Bl. Thomas of Florence, First Order friar, d. 1447
30. Anniversary of the Dedication in Consecrated Churches of the Seraphic Order
31. Bl. Angelo of Acri, First Order friar, d. 1739
31. Bl. Christopher of Cahors, First Order friar, d. 1272



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