Franciscan Saints (Ream) November


3. Bl. Solanus (Casey), First Order friar, d. 1957

Bl. Helen Enselmini, Poor Clare nun, d. 1242
4. St. Charles Borromeo, Secular Franciscan Cardinal, Protector of the Franciscan
    Order, d. 1584
6. Bl. Alfonso Lopez, Andrew of Palazuelo and Companions, First Order friars,
    martyrs of Spain, d. 1936
6. Bl. Margaret of Lorraine, Poor Clare nun, d. 1521
7. St. Didacus of Alcala, First Order friar, d. 1463
7. Bl. Raynier of Arezzo, First Order friar, d. 1304
8. Bl. John Duns Scotus, First Order priest and Doctor of the Church, d. 1308
9. Bl. Gabriel Ferretti, First Order friar, d. 1456
11. Bl. Mary Crucifixa of the Wounds of Our Lord, Secular Franciscan, d. 1826
14. St. Nicholas Tavelic and Companions, First Order friars, martyrs of Palestine, d. 1391
17. St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Secular Franciscan, Patroness of the Third Order, d. 1231
17. Bl. Jane of Signa, Secular Franciscan, d. 1307
18. Bl. Salome of Cracow, Poor Clare nun, d. 1268
19. St. Agnes of Assisi (blood sister of St. Clare), Poor Clare nun, d. 1253
20. Bls. Paschal Fortuño Almela and Companions, First Order friars, martyrs of Spain, d. 1936
22. Bl. Salvator Lilli and Companions, First Order friars, martyrs of Armenia, d. 1895
23. Bl. Marie of Jesus the Good Shepherd, Third Order religious, d. 1902
24. Commemoration of All the Deceased of the Seraphic Order
25. St. Humilis of Bisignano, First Order friar, d. 1637
25. Bl. Elizabeth the Good of Reute, Third Order religious, d. 1420
25. Bls. Louis Beltrame Quattrocchi (d. 1951) and Maria Corsini-Beltrame
     Quattrocchi (d. 1965), first Secular Franciscan couple beatified together
26. St. Leonard of Port Maurice, First Order friar, d. 1751
27. St. Francis Anthony Fasani, First Order friar, d. 1742
28. St. James of the March, First Order friar, d. 1476
29. All Saints of the Seraphic Order
30. Bl. Anthony Bonfadini, First Order friar, d. 1482




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