Franciscan Saints (Ream) June


1. Bl. John Pelingotto, Secular Franciscan, d. 1304
2. St. Felix of Nicosia, First Order friar, d. 1787
3. Bl. Andrew of Spello, First Order friar, d. 1254
5. Bl Pacific of Cerano, First Order friar, d. 1482
7. Bl. Humiliana of Cerchi, Secular Franciscan, d. 1246
8. Bl. Nicholas of Gésturi, First Order friar, d. 1958
10. Bl. Edouard Poppe, Secular Franciscan priest, d. 1924
11. Bl. Yolanda (Jolenta) of Hungary, Poor Clare nun, d. 1298
12. Bl. Florida Cevoli, Poor Clare nun, d. 1767
12. Bls. Boniface Lukowski, Anastase Pankewicz, Jan Eugene Bajewski, Innocent
Guz, Anizet Koplin, Achille Puchata, Herman Stepien, Ludwik Pius Bartosik,
Antonin Wilkowska, Timothy Trojanowski, Fidelis Chojnacki, Florian
Stepniak, Krystyn Gondek, and Marian Konopinski, First Order friars, Polish
martyrs of the Nazis, d. 1940-1943
13. St. Anthony of Padua, First Order priest and Doctor of the Church, d. 1231
17. St. Albert Chmielowski, Secular Franciscan, d. 1916
17. Bl. Peter Gambacorti of Pisa, Third Order religious, d. 1435
18. Bl. Guy of Cortona, First Order friar, d. 1250
20. Bl. Michelina of Pesaro, Secular Franciscan, d. 1356
20. Bls. Patrick O’Healy, Conrad O’Rouke, Conor O’Devany, and John Hearney,
First Order friars, martyrs of Ireland, d. 1579-1653
22. St. Thomas More, Secular Franciscan, martyr of England, d. 1535
23. St. Joseph Cafasso, Secular Franciscan priest, d. 1860
25. Bl. Benvenuto of Gubbio, First Order friar, d. 1232
26. Bl. Andrew Hyacinth Longhin, First Order bishop, d. 1936
26. Bl. James Haddad of Ghazir, First Order friar, d. 1954
27. Bl. Davanzato of Poggibonzi, Secular Franciscan priest, d. 1295
27. Bl. Marguerite Baeys, Secular Franciscan, d. 1879
30. Bl. Raymond Lull, Secular Franciscan, martyr of Africa, d. 1315




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