Franciscan Saints (Ream) February


1. Bl. Patrick O’Loughran, First Order friar, martyr of Ireland, d. 1612
1. Bl. Andrew Charles Ferrari, Secular Franciscan Cardinal, d. 1921
4. St. Joseph Desideri of Leonissa, First Order friar, d. 1612
5. St. Jane of Valois, Third Order religious, d. 1505
6. Sts. Peter Baptist Blazquez, Anthony of Nagasaki and Companions, First Order
    friars and Secular Franciscans, martyrs of Japan, d. 1597
6. Bl. Maria Theresia Bonzel, Third Order religious, d. 1905
6. Bl. Pius IX, Secular Franciscan Pope, d. 1878
7. St. Colette Boylet of Corbie, Poor Clare nun, d. 1447
7. St. Giles Mary Pontillo of St. Joseph, First Order friar, d. 1812
7. St. John Lantrua of Triora, First Order friar, martyr of China, d. 1816
8. Bl. Anthony of Stroncone, First Order friar, d. 1461
8. Bl. Jacoba of Settesoli (“Lady Jacoba”), Secular Franciscan, d. 1273
9. Bl. Leopold Sanchez Marquez of Alpandeire, First Order friar, d. 1956
10. Bl. Clare of Rimini, Poor Clare nun, d. 1346
10. Bl. Aloysius Stepinac, Secular Franciscan bishop and martyr of Croatia, d. 1960
12. Bl. Andrew Charles Ferrari, Secular Franciscan Cardinal, d. 1921
14. Bl. Philippa Mareri, Poor Clare nun, d. 1236
16. St. Veridiana of Florence, Secular Franciscan, d. 1242
17. Bl. Luke Belludi, First Order friar, d. 1285
19. St. Conrad Confalconieri of Piacenza, Secular Franciscan, d. 1351
20. Bl. Peter of Treja, First Order friar, d. 1304
23. Bl. Isabella of France, special provider for the Poor Clares, d. 1270
25. Bl. Sebastian of Aparicio, First Order friar, d. 1600
26. Bl. Antonia of Florence, Third Order religious, d. 1472
27. Bl. Louise Albertoni, Secular Franciscan, d. 1533
27. Bl. José Tous y Soler, First Order friar, d. 1871



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