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1. St. Junípero Serra, First Order friar, “Apostle of California,” d. 1784
3. Bl. Marie Anne Fontcuberta, Third Order religious, d. 1886
5. St. Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal, Secular Franciscan, d. 1336
5. Bl. Ignatius “Nazju” Falzon, Secular Franciscan, d. 1865
7. Bl. Oddino Barrotti, Secular Franciscan priest, d. 1400
8. Sts. Gregory Grassi, Hermine Grivot and Companions, First Order and Third
    Order religious and Secular Franciscans, martyrs of China, d. 1900
9. Sts. Nicholas Pieck, Jerome of Weert, Wilhad, Theodoric of Emden, Nicaise
    Jonson, Godfrey of Mervelan, Anthony of Weert, Anthony of Hornaer,
    Francis Rod, Peter van Asche and Cornelius of Dorstat, First Order friars,
    martyrs of Gorkum, Holland, d. 1572
10. St. Veronica Giuliani, Poor Clare nun, d. 1727
12. Sts. John Jones (d. 1598) and John Wall (d. 1679), First Order friars, martyrs of England
12. Sts. Louis Martin (d. 1894) and Marie-Azélie “Zélie” Guérin Martin (d. 1877),
    Secular Franciscans, first married couple canonized together
13. Bl. Angeline of Marsciano, Third Order religious, d. 1435
13. Bls. Emmauel Ruiz and Companions, First Order friars, martyrs of Syria, d. 1860
14. St. Francis Solano, First Order friar, d. 1610
15. St. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio, First Order Cardinal and Doctor of the Church, d. 1274
15. Bl. Bernard of Baden, Secular Franciscan, d. 1458
17. Bl. Peter Cresci of Foligno, Secular Franciscan, d. 1323
18. St. Simon of Lipnica, First Order friar, d. 1482
21. St. Lawrence of Brindisi, First Order priest and Doctor of the Church, d. 1619
23. St. Kinga (Cunegunda) of Poland, Poor Clare nun, d. 1292
23. St. Bridget of Sweden, Secular Franciscan, d. 1373
24. Bl. Louise of Savoy, Poor Clare nun, d. 1503
25. Bl. Anthony Lucci, First Order bishop, d. 1752
27. Bl. Mary Magdalene of Martinengo, Poor Clare nun, d. 1737
28. St. Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception, Third Order religious, d. 1946
28. Bl. Mary Teresa Kowalska, Poor Clare nun, martyr of the Nazis, d. 1941
28. Bl. Mattia Nazarei, Poor Clare nun, d. 1320
31. Bl. Solanus Casey, First Order friar, d. 1957



2. St. Mary of the Angels of the Portiuncula, Pardon of Assisi indulgence (1216)
4. St. John Mary Vianney, Secular Franciscan priest, d. 1859
5. Bl. Frédérick Janssoone, First Order friar, d. 1916
7. Bls. Agathangelus and Cassian, First Order friar, martyrs of Gondar, Ethiopia, d. 1638
8. Holy Father St. Dominic de Guzman, Founder of the Order of Preachers and
    “Cordbearer” friend of St. Francis, d. 1221
9. Bl. Maria Francesca Rubatto, Third Order religious, d. 1904
11. St. Clare of Assisi, “first Franciscan woman,” “little plant of St. Francis” and
    Foundress of the Second Order (now termed “Poor Clare nuns”), d. 1253
12. Bl. Innocent XI, Secular Franciscan Pope, d. 1689
13. Bl. Mark Cristofori of Aviano, First Order friar, d. 1699
13. Bl. Novellone of Faenza, Secular Franciscan, d. 1280
14. St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe, First Order friar, martyr of Auschwitz, d. 1941
16. Bl. Francis Cichi of Pesaro, Secular Franciscan, d. 1350
16. St. Roch of Montpellier, Secular Franciscan, d. 1327
18. Bls. John Louis Loir, Protase Bourdon, Sebastian Francois, Louis-Armand Adam
    and Nicholas Savouret, First Order friars, martyrs of France, d. 1794
19. St. Louis of Toulouse, First Order bishop, d. 1297
21. St. Pius X, Secular Franciscan Pope, d. 1914
23. Bl. Bernard of Offida, First Order friar, d. 1694
25. St. Louis IX, King of France, Secular Franciscan, Patron of the Third Order, d. 1270
25. Bl. Maria del Transito Cabanillas, Third Order religious, d. 1885
29. Bl. John of Perouse, First Order friar, d. 1231

1. St. Beatrice of Silva, Poor Clare nun, d. 1490
2. Bls. John Francis Burté, Apollinaris Morel of Posat, Severin Girault and Companions,
    First Order and Third Order Regular friars, martyrs of France, d. 1792
4. St. Rose of Viterbo, Secular Franciscan, d. 1251
5. Bl. Gentle of Matelica, First Order friar, martyr of Persia, d. 1340
6. Bl. Liberatus of Lauro, First Order friar, d. 1258
9. Bl. Seraphina Sforza, Poor Clare nun, d. 1478
10. Bl. Agnellus of Pisa, First Order friar, d. 1236
11. Bl. Bonaventure of Barcelona, First Order friar, d. 1684
13. Bls. Apollinaris Franco and Companions, First Order, Third Order Regular and
     Secular Franciscans, martyrs of Japan, d. 1617-1628
15. St. Catherine of Genoa, Secular Franciscan, d. 1510
16. Bl. Roland d’Medici, Secular Franciscan, d. 1386
17. Stigmatization of St. Francis of Assisi (on Mount La Verna, 1224)
18. St. Joseph of Cupertino, First Order friar, d. 1663
19. Bl. Louis Alleman, Secular Franciscan bishop, d. 1450
20. St. Francis Mary of Camporosso, First Order friar, d. 1866
21. Bl. Elizabeth Amodei, Secular Franciscan, d. 1498
22. St. Ignatius of Santhia, First Order friar, d. 1773

St. Ignatius of Santhia (1686-1770) was born in Italy to an upper-class family. He received his early education from a devout priest, a relative of his mother, who inspired him to join the priesthood. He studied philosophy and theology, and after his ordination served as a diocesan priest for six years. St. Ignatius earned a reputation as an excellent preacher of retreats and missions, and he had a promising future within the diocese. His family and parishioners were surprised and disappointed when he decided to join the Capuchin Franciscans in Turin as a poor, humble friar. However, St. Ignatius flourished in the poverty and simplicity of the Franciscan way of life. He became well-known for his wisdom and sanctity, and many people from all walks of life came to him for confession and spiritual direction. He had a great devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and prayed the rosary faithfully. He served God with humble obedience and inspired this virtue in the Franciscan novices over whom he had charge. He spent his last years on a sickbed where he continued to hear confessions and give direction to his visitors. St. Ignatius of Santhia's feast day is September 22nd.

23. Finding of the Body of St. Clare of Assisi (1850)
23. St. (Padre) Pio of Pietrelcina, First Order friar, d. 1968
24. St. Pacificus of San Severino, First Order friar, d. 1721
25. St. Nicholas of Flüe, Secular Franciscan, d. 1487
26. Bls. Aurelio of Vinalesa and Companions, First Order friars, martyrs of Spain, d. 1936
26. Bl. Lucy of Caltagirone, Third Order religious, d. 1400
27. St. Elzear of Sabran (d. 1323) and Bl. Delphina of Glandeves (d. 1358),
    Secular Franciscan husband and wife
28. St. John of Dukla, First Order friar, d. 1484
28. Bl. Bernadine of Feltre, First Order friar, d. 1494
28. Bl. Innocent of Berzo, First Order friar, d. 1890
30. Bl. Charles of Blois-Chatillon, Secular Franciscan, d. 1364

1. Bl. Nicolas of Forca Palena, Secular Franciscan, d. 1449
3. Commemoration of the Transitus of St. Francis of Assisi (near the Portiuncula,
    October 3, 1226)
4. Our Seraphic Father, St. Francis of Assisi, Deacon and Founder of the Three
    Franciscan Orders, d. 1226
6. St. Mary Frances of the Five Wounds, Secular Franciscan, d. 1791
10. St. Daniel and Companions, First Order friars, martyrs of Morocco, d. 1227
10. Bl. Mary Angela Truszkowska, Third Order religious, d. 1899
11. St. John XXIII, Secular Franciscan Pope, d. 1963
12. St. Seraphin of Montegranaro, First Order friar, d. 1604
13. Bl. Honorat Kozminski of Biala, First Order friar, d. 1916
17. Bl. Balthazar of Chiavari, First Order friar, d. 1490
20. Bl. Contardo Ferrini, Secular Franciscan, d. 1902
20. Bl. James of Strepar, First Order bishop, d. 1409
21. Bl. Josephine Leroux, Poor Clare nun, martyr of France, d. 1794
22. St. Peter of Alcántara, First Order friar, d. 1562
23. St. John of Capistrano, First Order friar, d. 1456
25. Bl. María Jesús Masia Ferragut and Companions, Poor Clare nuns, martyrs of Spain, d. 1936
26. Bl. Bonaventure of Potenza, First Order friar, d. 1711
29. Bl. Thomas of Florence, First Order friar, d. 1447
30. Anniversary of the Dedication in Consecrated Churches of the Seraphic Order
31. Bl. Angelo of Acri, First Order friar, d. 1739
31. Bl. Christopher of Cahors, First Order friar, d. 1272



3. Bl. Helen Enselmini, Poor Clare nun, d. 1242
4. St. Charles Borromeo, Secular Franciscan Cardinal, Protector of the Franciscan
    Order, d. 1584
6. Bl. Alfonso Lopez, Andrew of Palazuelo and Companions, First Order friars,
    martyrs of Spain, d. 1936
6. Bl. Margaret of Lorraine, Poor Clare nun, d. 1521
7. St. Didacus of Alcala, First Order friar, d. 1463
7. Bl. Raynier of Arezzo, First Order friar, d. 1304
8. Bl. John Duns Scotus, First Order priest and Doctor of the Church, d. 1308
9. Bl. Gabriel Ferretti, First Order friar, d. 1456
11. Bl. Mary Crucifixa of the Wounds of Our Lord, Secular Franciscan, d. 1826
14. St. Nicholas Tavelic and Companions, First Order friars, martyrs of Palestine, d. 1391
17. St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Secular Franciscan, Patroness of the Third Order, d. 1231
17. Bl. Jane of Signa, Secular Franciscan, d. 1307
18. Bl. Salome of Cracow, Poor Clare nun, d. 1268
19. St. Agnes of Assisi (blood sister of St. Clare), Poor Clare nun, d. 1253
20. Bls. Paschal Fortuño Almela and Companions, First Order friars, martyrs of Spain, d. 1936
22. Bl. Salvator Lilli and Companions, First Order friars, martyrs of Armenia, d. 1895
23. Bl. Marie of Jesus the Good Shepherd, Third Order religious, d. 1902
24. Commemoration of All the Deceased of the Seraphic Order
25. St. Humilis of Bisignano, First Order friar, d. 1637
25. Bl. Elizabeth the Good of Reute, Third Order religious, d. 1420
25. Bls. Louis Beltrame Quattrocchi (d. 1951) and Maria Corsini-Beltrame
     Quattrocchi (d. 1965), first Secular Franciscan couple beatified together
26. St. Leonard of Port Maurice, First Order friar, d. 1751
27. St. Francis Anthony Fasani, First Order friar, d. 1742
28. St. James of the March, First Order friar, d. 1476
29. All Saints of the Seraphic Order
30. Bl. Anthony Bonfadini, First Order friar, d. 1482



2. Bl Mary Angela Astorch, Poor Clare nun, d. 1665
2. Bl. Raphael Chylinski, First Order friar, d. 1741
5. Bl. Peter of Siena, Secular Franciscan, d. 1289
9. Bl. Clara Isabella Fornari, Poor Clare nun, d. 1744
10. Bl. Conrad of Offida, First Order friar, d. 1306
11. Bl. Hugolinus Magalotti, Secular Franciscan, d. 1373
12. Discovery of the Tomb of St. Francis (1820)
14. Bl. Bartholomew Buonpedini of San Gimignano, Secular Franciscan priest, d. 1300
15. Bl. Mary Frances Schervier, Third Order religious, d. 1876
19. Bl. Jean Discalceat, First Order friar, d. 1349
23. Bl. Nicolas Factor, First Order friar, d. 1583
24. Bl. Bentivolio Buoni, First Order friar, d. 1231
25. The Nativity of the Lord Jesus (first Christmas crèche at Greccio, 1223)
28. Bl. Matthia Nazzarei, Poor Clare nun, d. 1319
29. Bl Gerard Cagnoli, First Order friar, d. 1342
30. Bl. Margaret Colonna, Poor Clare nun, d. 1284


[Compiled by Deacon Dave & Thérèse Ream, O.F.S., July 2017]



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