Next Regular Meeting is Sunday, October 8, 2017.

We meet from 2:00-4:00 PM.
South Room, Christian Living Center,
St. Helen Parish, Vero Beach, Florida.


Agenda and Schedule - Regular Meeting

May St. Francis watch over all hurt and homeless of the hurricanes.

2.00   Opening, Reports, etc.

2:10   Blessing of Donations to the Food Pantry.

2:15   The Stigmata of St. Francis. Readings from Bl. Thomas

       of Celano and St. Bonaventure. St. Padre Pio’s Stigma-          ta.  Reading of St. Padre Pio’s own account. By Donna  


2:55   Refreshments and Break

3:15   Franciscan Crown Rosary

3:40   Liturgy of the Hours

4:00   Closing Prayers and Dismissal

Fraternity life


It is our deep responsibility how the Holy Spirit can fill our fraternities with life, with life

that we will bring out and make visible to our neighbors.


Our fraternities - particularly our local fraternities - are the places, where we can live our vocation, where we can find the source of life, by accepting, living and giving the love of God.


We have to open ourselves in the fraternities, to make them real fraternities, that is to share our lives with our sisters and brothers. The goal is not to live a nice fraternal life but a true and honest one. We have to open ourselves. We shall not be afraid to expose ourselves to one another, to share our treasures, but also to accept and not to hide our weakness, our shortcomings! We have to be so close to each other that our souls can touch one another. We have to take the risk of being opened, we have to take the risk of the conflicts. Sincere and opened fraternal life means to be ready to share all that we have. However, real fraternal life also means to be opened to the fraternal warning and fraternal correction. Remember, my dear sisters and brothers, that the Holy Spirit is working through these fraternal relationships in the fraternity. We have to take the risk of hurting each other and also of having wounds, but these wounds help us in the reconciliation. There is no real fraternity without reconciliation.


As brothers and sisters of penance, we always have to live together with our fragility, with our wounds, being always ready, however, to ask and to give forgiveness. There is no Pentecost, no renewal in the fraternity if we close ourselves from each other and limit our relationships to a kind of tea party. However, it is not only for us, it is not for our good feelings. It is because we bring it out to the world, regardless we are aware or not. We bring out what we receive and experience there. It is our deep responsibility how the Holy Spirit can fill our fraternities with life, with life that we will bring out and make visible to our neighbors. Let us give space to the Holy Spirit, my sisters and brothers, to shake, to move our fraternities, to renew our fraternity life! God is not willing to make us sit in a comfortable place, He wants us to live a vivid life, that brings fruits.


From: CIOFS Circ. n. 33/14-20Prot. n. 2981 Rome, June 4, 2017

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Our Local Fraternity:
Divine Mercy Fraternity
Vero Beach, FL


Officers as of 1/10/2016


Fred Schaeffer, OFS
Helen Caldarone, OFS
Mary "Jean" McGovern, OFS
Formation Director: 
Donna Haro, OFS

Councillors at Large: 
Jack Reddy, OFS


Fred Schaeffer, OFS

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